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apply for online direct lenders

The application is so fast and so Simple! You can complete it in under five minutes and be funded in under 1 hour. Go through 1 fast and easy application and get funded immediately.


apply for online direct lenders

Within 5 minutes of completing the simple application you can immediately accept you loan. Then simply accept your loan! After accepting the direct loan most clients are funded in under 1 hour.


accept online direct lenders

The after receiving your loan take care of all of your expenses. You can spend our loan funds for any purpose you choose there are no restrictions. Just make small repayments to complete the loan.


Fill out a fast loan application.




We select the direct loan that will give you the lowest rates and best term.




Review your loan payments, interest rate, and terms.




Then money is instantly transferred into your account.




Online Direct Lenders

About us?

Online Direct Lenders believes in honest term, fair loans, and low interest rates. We build a long term loan relationship with our customers. In an effort to satisfy all requests we have a range of financing and loan repayment options available for all fiscal needs and financial situations. This ensures our unique ability to provide our clients with a low rate and easy loan payment terms that fit comfortably into any lifestyle. The last thing you need now is loan you’ll regret later. We actually help our client

Why choose online direct lenders?

Because its time for a lender that actually helps their clients and makes getting a loan easy!

No one has the time to spend all day filling out needless forms and paper or faxing documents. We don't require long forms and there's no faxing at all. Simply fill out one quick and easy form and get approved instantly. Funding is fast to most clients have cash in their account within the hour. Online Direct Lenders also brings you only the best loans at the best rates available. This means no fees, no high interest rates, and no hassles. Our stress fee guarantee means we make sure that our clients get royal treatment and honest comfortable loan terms.

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple actually. You fill out 1 fast and easy form and can be approved for a low interest rate cash loan instantly. No hassles and you can review your loan payments and interest rate instantly online with no faxing required. That way you can see your loan interest rate and your weekly / monthly loan payment structure to make sure this is going to fit cleanly into your budget. We offer cash loan opportunities even for bad credit so interest rates will vary from person to person. However, the rates we secure for our clientele even people with bad credit are usually far more competitive than excruciating credit card payments or any other loan options available.

Can you help people with bad credit

We believe a loan is about actually helping a person. A big part is speed and convenience you get both and you won’t have to sacrifice a low interest rate or spectacular terms to get either. We make direct loans quick and easy no matter your fiscal shortcomings or previous bad credit mishaps. People with bad credit are people too, they should be able to get the loan they need regardless. Now obviously if you have terrible credit a loan may carry a slightly increased interest rate. However, even with bad credit your much better off here than dealing with the ridiculous options elsewhere. Remember a good low interest short term loan is almost always a better choice than high interest credit cards. Just because you need a loan doesn’t give a lender the right to take advantage of you, no matter how bad your credit score is. We believe in truthful terms and agreeable rates. We thinks it’s high time a lenders finally stood on their principals. Now is the time for a lender that actually helps their clients not just puts out commercials saying that they do.

What if I don't like the terms

Where almost 100% certain that you'll like your rates and terms. We strive to be a lender who stands on their principles and does right by there customer. We take pride in offering only the best loan options with the lowest rate and most flexible terms. We understand making getting a loan easy is great but it doesn't mean you don't deserve low interest rates or fair loan payment terms. With all the options out there it’s not only about getting the loan anymore. In this economy getting approved shouldn’t be difficult no mater your credit or financial situation (At least with us). Today it’s about getting the loan that works for you. Very few clients ever get what they consider to be unfavorable terms. Considering how quickly you can get approved and the flexibility and variety of loan funding and loan repayment options available. It’s very rare that our clients can’t find exactly what they’re look for.


James Goldberg – Brooklyn, New york

unsecured loan“When I needed an unsecured loan I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t want to spend all day filling out applications though. Direct Lenders helped me get the financing I needed fast”

Krystal Greene – LA, California

personal loan“I just wanted a quick personal loan to pay a bill. Except, no one would approve me then I tryed tried Direct Lenders. They got me the money plus its free”

Bethany Short – Boca Raton, Florida

business loan“When I needed a startup business loan to get my company out of my garage and into a new location. Everyone said they couldn’t help a startup business like mine except for Direct Lenders. I have them to thank for my new location”

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